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23 Things to Pass The Time before Duke-Carolina Game.

If you’re bored between now and the game tonight, please take a look at these links. 


Anti-Duke Manifesto

dOOK sucks rap song of the week.

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Why I Still Hate dOOK Letter

Why No One Should Root for dOOK

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Dexter Strickland Dunks on Kyle Singler 

Danny Green Dunks on Greg Paulus

Tyler Hansbrough 3-Pointer on JJ Redick’s Senior Night

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Duke Awkward Titanic 

Dick Vitale’s Love For Duke

Why We All Hate Duke

6 Reasons To Hate Duke, Right Now

Austin Rivers How I Think It Really Happened  

Hint: It’s Next To Cameron Indoor

Jon Scheyer Steals Bicycles and Throws Babies into Basketball Hoops

Barnes, Marshall, Bullock vs. Kyrie Irving

Barnes, Marshall, Bullock Part 2

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Here is a fantastic video of the Final Voyage. Skip, you are the best. How I wish I could have been a Skipper, too….

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My attempt to recite the Jaws ride Spiel from Memory.

Just did this with no video or audio help - I think its pretty close. 

RIP Jaws 1990-2012.


Amity 6 to Base, Come in Base

"You’re all clear for depature Amity 6, have a good trip."

And we’re off, wave goodbye to those Happy Landlubbers up there. 

Welcome aboard Captain Jake’s Amity Boat tours…We are the BEST!!!


That’s because we’re the only scenic tour here on the island. My name is Andrew and I’ll be your skipper today, as we take you by the actual spots where back in 1974, that bad old shark, Jaws, devoured those poor innocent islanders. 

The first item of interest is over on our port side, and that’s the home of our very own chief of Police, Martin Brody. Now Brody really did blow up that shark and became a legend in his own time. Roy Scheider played him in the film they made about our little Shark Episode…how many of you all have seen the film Jaws? 

Well lucky for you, we actually had to live it…

(Static) AAAAAhhhhhhh (Static)

Amity 6 to Base, did you copy that transmission? It sounded like Gordon on Amity 3, Over.

"He can’t be too far away, he was headed back in. We’re picking up his distress signal now. I’ll call Chief Brody. Base Clear. 

Sorry folks, it looks like one of our tour boats got into a little trouble…

AMITY SIX TO BASE. AMITY THREE IS SINKING OUT BY THE LIGHTHOUSE…and I don’t see any survivors…there’s only one thing that could have done this….

SHAAAAAARK…It’s the biggest one ever!…….Base, it’s going under the boat what do I do.

"Keep calm, try the grenade launcher!"

Wait, you mean these things are loaded? (Shoot) Shoot! Missed! (Shoot) Missed again!

We’re going to wait in the boathouse until Chief Brody gets here. 

Hello?? Is anyone here?

What was that? 

Uh-oh. I can’t drop it into gearT Come on man, this isn’t funny! 


Got it! Let’s get out of here. 

(Exit the Boat House)

"Amity 6 this is Brody, I’ll be there in 10 minutes!"

10 Minutes?! We’ll be Sharkbait in 10 minutes!

Where is he?? Ahhhh!

(Explosion of Bridewell’s Gas Dock)

We’ve gotta go for it! (Go through the oil fire)

Now we’re going to unload on that old fishing dock, I’m going to unload the boat one row at a time, and be sure to watch out for that high voltage barge!

Oh no….look! (Shark approaches on the left) 

Look out!!!

(Shark charges boat on port side, skipper shoots the grenade launcher, Water Cannons and Sparks, and rocking boat - Dead shark appears)

Ew, that’s disgusting! (Gun again) We really roasted him huh!

"Amity 6, This is Brody, are you alright?"

Chief Brody, call off the marines! We’re comin’ hoooommmee!!

On behalf of Captain Jakes Amity Boat Tours, I’d like to thank you for your bravery today. But don’t tell anyone about this. If word of this got out, it’d be the end of Captain Jakes and all the other businesses in Amity. 

After all, we got him, didn’t we?!

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disneyfoodtravel:  Everyday they’re shufflin’…


disneyfoodtravel:  Everyday they’re shufflin’…

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Stewart Cooper, 6’5”, 202 lb, senior forward from Winston-Salem (Forsyth Country Day). A walk-on in his second season with the varsity squad after playing on the JV team. Appeared in 12 games last season.

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Stilman White, 6’, 160 lb. freshman guard from, Wilmington (Hoggard). Named first-team AP all-state, averaged 20.5 points and 3.0 assists as a senior.

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